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Thread: Small College IT Dept needs flashlight recommendations

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    Default Small College IT Dept needs flashlight recommendations

    I have been tasked by the CIO to get 8-10 rechargeable flashlights for $20.00-30.00 (each) price range. The flashlights are for emergency and power outage events.

    I have since explained to the CIO there is a severe lack of acceptable choices in that price range. I believe the best we can do in that price range will be non-rechargeable flashlights stored with lithium primary batteries. I also encouraged him to add 1-2 headlamps and lantern type lights to the mix.

    Flashlights will be used by non-enthusiasts, so they need to be simple (1 mode best possibly 2 mode acceptable, prefer button activated but twisty may be acceptable), reliable & durable (could sit for months or years and still need to be ready to go), water resistant (location is in Florida), bright (~100 lumens +or -, more is better), long run time (at least 1 hour of runtime).

    I am leaning toward recommending AA based flashlights - something like the mini maglite pro,or the rayovac virtually indestructable 2AA light; storing them with lithium primaries and using alkalines on hand for battery changes (if needed). Also, maybe an energizer triple beam headlamp (or I might try to talk up to a PT Quad or EOS) and I haven't looked into lantern style lights, yet.

    Budget is pretty firm limitation.

    Looking for recommendations & thoughts (especially for a reasonable, non-blue tint, or higher CRI - we do sometimes need to identify wiring).
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