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Thread: IR dropin for Maglite

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    Hi, returning after two year absence. Wow, great forum format redesign. Last time I was here I gained information for Maglite mod with red LED for a hunting light. Now I've upgrade to a PS 22 Gen 2 night vision scope. Wondering if there is an Maglite IR LED dropin, or if someone will build one. I've been using a 2C maglite turned down to 30mm dia. and a red LED dropin loaded with 2 C123 batteries, plus another light with red LED built by Malkoff for me and 2 C cells. I added preasure switches to both maglites.

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    not sure about maglite, but if you can grab a cheap p60 host, user nailbender on here can make a drop in using the osram platinum dragon ir emitter. i'm using one for use with a night vision scope addon, and up to around 50y, it is very good... you may be better off with an incandescent and some ir filter...

    if you need more range, i'd suggest that ir laser may be the way to go. if you are shooting from a vehicle, look at the bosch aegis illuminators.

    there is a night vision section on airgunbbs that may be of some use...

    maglite ir: http://www.airgunbbs.com/showthread....IR-illuminator
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    i've tried/trying a few different IR leds, i got a 15 quid ir that worked very well out to 80 odd yards on a yukon digi and gen 1 stuff, but on cctv camera it was vague at 25 yards.

    i'm actualy starting to give up on the 'cheaper' leds and going back to kryptons and IR filtering.. i got 50 yards on NV gear with a 4.8v maglight and filter. a lot more and a lot brighter overvolting the thing. (8-9 volts..didnt last long though lol).

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