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Thread: 2 low output AA flashlight?

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    Default 2 low output AA flashlight?

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for an AA flashlight that has 2 fairly low levels. First preferably around 8-15ish lumens (anywhere in there should do fine) to have as a low output when outside so I'm not lighting up a whole amount of space but enough to be able to see directly in front of me and then a higher output around 40-50ish lumens if I decide I need a quick burst of more light.

    I prefer clicky switches as opposed to twist the tail or head. Would like it to be as small as possible. On the low output, the highest runtime available, preferably in excess of 30hours.

    The only one I can think of that might actually do the job I need is the Fenix LD12 but then that has a lot of other stuff in it that I really don't want/need.
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