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Thread: Betalights

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    Does anybody know where I can buy a tritium flashlight?

    Thank you,

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    Tritium is almost exclusively used as a locator (something that is viewed directly rather than used as a tool to light other things) not as a flashlight; check out the offerings in the CPF Marketplace.

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    If you are referring to the tritium spheres contained in a black plastic housing with opening "lid" sometimes marketed as a map reader I think they are pretty rare on CPF Marketplace.

    I've occasionally seen them on ebay, but to get a "fresher" one you could try penrithsurvival dot com and search for
    Betalight. It will cost you GBP 75.00 + shipping
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    I bought one from penrithsurvival and it is ok I also have a 18MM green sphere from b@rt over in the marketplace it is much brighter than the disc in the tritium torches from penrithsurvival.

    Put that sphere into a shallow reflector and it easily enough to read by or navigate around the house at night. Photonfanatic can make you a custom body and reflector they are not cheap but very nice.

    Best bang for the buck? Get a 18MM green sphere from b@rt, some norland from rockettomato and glue it into a reflector. You can use other glue but the norland is supurb.

    This picture is b@rts orange sphere compared to the penrith beta-light. The green sphere is MUCH brighter

    White 15mm sphere glued into a reflector compared to 4x20 vial glued in a reflector

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