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Thread: Philips xtreme power...thumbs up!

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    Finally installed the Philips XP 9008 in headlights (replacing Silverstars) and 9006 in yellow Duplicolored fogs (replacing oem sylvanias). Don't find the low beams to really be much brighter (if at all) than the Silverstars, but the beam pattern is FAR superior. Silverstars had a decent beam and were a touch brighter than stock bulbs (despite blue tint), but the Philips bulbs have a very clear cutoff and the beam is more like a horizontal bar rather than two spots with light scattering to the sides.

    As for the fogs, didn't notice much difference in clear weather. But I did notice they have slightly decreased the yellow effect from the Duplicolored lenses, so I guess that means they must put out more light.

    Either way I am quite pleased with the bulbs, and just hope they last a reasonable amount of time...

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    Agree with you regarding the sharp cut off of Philips bulb. They are more relaxing to the eye since the light is limited to the road and the sides and is very reflective. I have installed a Philips Extreme Vision H7 (an upgrade on the extreme power) and was totally blown away by the cut off and the brightness on the road. Incidently, I found a site with pictures where they compare many bulbs photographically. I think there are two pictures here, one is the usual coloured night shot and the other which is ? black and white shot for each bulb (Gurus correct me if I am wrong!). Interesting to see even if not very comparitive for the more scientifically inclined (because photos have their own limitations).
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    Looked for the Xtreme vision, but don't think they're offered in an h13 as of yet. Will give them a try next time around if available. Hoping that won't be for a while...

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    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but this is probably the most recent thread about xtremepower. Found this on the candlepowerinc store:
    Mail-in Rebate
    $3.00 Rebate on Philips VisionPlus
    $5.00 Rebate on Philips CrystalVision Ultra
    $10.00 Rebate on Philips X-treme Power
    This mail-in rebate offer is valid on any set of Philips VisionPlus, CrystalVision Ultra, or
    X-treme Power headlight bulbs between June 1, 2012, and October 31, 2012
    Claims must be postmarked by November 11, 2012 and received no later than
    December 15, 2012
    send via United States Postal Service or courier
    the original sales receipt showing proof of purchase of Philips VisionPlus, CrystalVision
    Ultra, or X-treme Power headlight bulbs from a participating retailer in the United States
    of America, and the original UPC found on the product package, and this original mail-in
    rebate coupon with your name and address below

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