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Thread: Personal Use Polarion Abyss Thread

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    Default Personal Use Polarion Abyss Thread

    I am in flight returning from an extensive scuba diving trip to Taveuni, Fiji and the Rainbow Reef. I used the Abyss "D" while hanging slightly above and behind a group of night divers and very evenly lit up the landscape below. The light was a resounding big hit. While getting out of the water the light was banged around quite a bit, no problem.

    If you remember, this was also the light that spent a week several hundred feet deep at the 40 Fathom Grato in Ocala, FL.

    Great light.

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    Default Re: Personal Use Polarion Abyss Thread

    Great to hear!! Thanks for keeping us posted. I own one and baby it....nice to know it can take some hard knocks as well!


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    Default Re: Personal Use Polarion Abyss Thread

    It's more wear and tear than my Abyss will ever see but it's cool to know that it will take it! Thanks for the update.

    Also, here's page 8 of the Dual Abyss thread, which you're more than welcome to post this kind of feedback in.

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