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    So I've disassembled my kl1 head and I'm looking to upgrade the emitter and board. I'm keeping the optics as is (TIR). So my question is, whats the best emitter versus runtime that I can fit in the same spot without modification? Is there such a thing or will I have to have the pill machined to fit something else? Thanks

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    What generation KL1? I'm looking to do the same thing, swapping the LED and possibly driver [gotta find something suitable, doncha' know].

    Is this the KL1 that looks like a slightly shortened version of the KX1/2 heads? Or is it the ribbed head version?

    If it's the ribbed head version, I've got a link to a thread discussing such mods.

    Lux I to SSC P4 mod
    be sure to post pics of the mod, dissassembly, inside the head and bezel, etc.
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    Mine looks to be identical to the thread you linked to. That helps but what I need to know is what emitter do I use?

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