hello all,
having fairly recently taken the plunge into the world of lithium powered flashlights, I'm looking at upgrading from 2xcr123 primaries, to something re-chargeable.

as far as I can tell, the battery I need is an 18650. But having read various threads on here, I'm completly confused about which manufacturers are rubbish, and which are decent. Currently available to me are:

  • Eagletac
  • AW
  • Wolf-eyes (assuming their LRB-168A is the same thing as an 18650, as claimed by one seller)
  • Cytac
  • Klarus
  • Trustfire
  • Ultrafire

and also, are any of these worth a look as chargers:
  • Ultrafire
  • Xtar
  • Cytac
  • 4sevens
  • klarus

or do I need to bite the bullet, pay more than I paid for the torch, and get the Pila charger?
I'm trying to avoid getting involved with other brands if I can help it, since these are the ones I can find locally, rather than having to get involved with buying kit from overseas.