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Thread: I need a light for mom :)

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    Default I need a light for mom :)

    She gets off work late some times and has to Park in a parking garage so id feel better if she had a light to keep with her to check her back seat ect. She use to use a Fenix p3d that i gave her but it crapped out.

    Im looking for something that takes a common battery because the chances of her ordering some surefire cr123s or other exotic battery is extremly slim lol. A very simple interface is prefered. She has very little knowlege about lights so the more user friedly the better. Sub $70 range please

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    Default Re: I need a light for mom :)

    a peak eiger or el cap would do the job nicely in somewhat fashionable stainless or brass, and no UI troubles to speak of. A streamlight microstream would do the same at about a third of the cost.
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    Default Re: I need a light for mom :)

    I would suggest a AAA light that is simple such as a Thrunite Ti. Small, inexpensive, good run times, easily obtainable batteries. She would not have to fool with modes, just turn it and it quickly goes to the max mode.

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    I like Quark AA Tacticals for non flashaholics. Program any 2 modes, out eight, separated by a tight/loose bezel.

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    fenix ld12

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