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Thread: Peak Eiger/Logan Ti Clip modified by Jason for Lanyard carry!

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    Default Peak Eiger/Logan Ti Clip modified by Jason for Lanyard carry!

    Several weeks ago I saw a photo posted in the Knives and Lights thread which was posted by think2x. It was a Peak Eiger with one of Jason’s clips for the Eiger. A droplet of water had landed on the clip and I initially thought it was a lanyard hole.

    That got me thinking and I e-mailed Jason to ask him if he could customise one of his Ti Eiger clips with a lanyard hole. Several email communications later and we had agreed on two lanyard holes in the clip – one ideally placed for neck lanyard carry of the 2xAA or smaller battery varieties of the Eiger and the other for attachment of a lanyard to a Logan (or Eiger) for pocket carry.

    I will let the pictures speak for themselves first…

    Two photos showing the placement of the lanyard holes with an unmodified clip for comparison

    Application for neck carry with Peak Eiger 2xAAA

    On a Peak Logan for pocket carry (and could be used with the Eiger)

    This has made a good clip even better in my opinion. Previously it was difficult to neck carry a Eiger with a momentary switch. With this lanyard hole at the top of the clip I can carry the Eiger perfectly for neck carry and still have a momentary switch. I absolutely love it – talk about having you cake and eating it.

    Thank you to Jason for customising the clip for me. I suspect I will be ordering some more in a few weeks as some more Peak lights arrive!

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    Default Re: Peak Eiger/Logan Ti Clip modified by Jason for Lanyard carry!

    Nice setups!


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    Thanks, eala. The modified clip is just great. It means I am more likely to use my Peak lights now because I usually always have an Eiger or Logan with me.

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