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Thread: P60 Reflector for the XP-G

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    Default P60 Reflector for the XP-G

    Does anyone know what reflectors work well with the XP-G?

    I like the Deal Extreme reflectors a lot for the XM-L, but I am not sure if any of these are good for the XP-G.


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    Default Re: P60 Reflector for the XP-G

    Solarforce-Sales offers a reflector, which looks like their smooth XP-G Reflector. It is sold in their "replacement bulb /Cree 4V-18V" section. For the price it is worth trying.

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    I haven't bought the Solarforce reflectors separately, but I have several of their smooth XP-G drop-ins and they definitely throw, albeit with a slightly noticeable donut hole.

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    Default Re: P60 Reflector for the XP-G

    Thanks for the response guys.

    I wouldn't mind the cost if the reflector makes a perfect spot, but what I'm all ready getting with the DX reflector seems pretty good with a bit of a "doughnut hole" effect, like what Moses said.

    It seems like because the LED is so small the geometry of the reflector needs to be altered somehow to fit.

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    Default Re: P60 Reflector for the XP-G

    The solarforce SMO reflectors do produce a slight donut in the hotspot. The donut can be reduced substantially by carefully focusing the pill with the reflector. Here are some pixs to show you.

    In these first pics take a close look at the emitter PCB (green) and the hole/lip of the reflector opening. In the first picture (XP-G #1) the emitter pcb and the lip are almost level with each other. In the second picture (XP-G #2) the emitter pcb is slightly below the lip opening.

    Here are some beamshots of the two compared. The distance from the wall is approximately 1 meter with XP-G #1 on the left and XP-G #2 on the right.

    The donut hole in #2 is still there. However it is MUCH better compared to #1.

    If you want to completely eliminate a donut hole you can use a OP reflector such as KD SKU #S008317. Note that it will reduce the amount of throw.
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