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Thread: GITD duct tape

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    Default GITD duct tape

    This item just popped up at my local Wally World so I grabbed a roll. However when I got it home and did some subjective comparison tests with this tape and other GITD materials using a blu-ray pointer as an excitation source, I was disappointed by how dim the duct tape was. Apparently it's not easy to impregnate a fibrous substrate like duct tape with a decent amount of phosphor.

    The tape goes by the name "Firefly." Save your money IMO.

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    Default Re: GITD duct tape

    tnx for the heads up PW, sounds like something i'd have gone for, now i know not to waste the dough.
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    Default Re: GITD duct tape

    The pro stuff is here, but certainly not at an Everyday Low Price..

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    Default Re: GITD duct tape

    Yea, that's something I would have quickly bought too. Thanks for the heads up.
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