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Thread: Post your Nichia 219 4500k beamshots

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    Default Post your Nichia 219 4500k beamshots

    I haven't been this excited about an led in quite some time. The thought of having an led that is around cct 4500k, good color rendition, and very similar characteristically and physically as an XP-G, the imagination goes wild. Hi-cri at 1.4A, triple, quad hi-cri dropins, malkoffs, etc. the imagination and expectations go wild!

    Or so that's the hope.

    With the Nichia 219 made available to us led lovers, all of these things could possibly come true. However, we haven't seen any beamshots or output from this led. So in anticipation of the eventual pics and posts, I'll start this thread by requesting any pics of this led that you guys have. Beamshots, white wall, comparisons to hi-cri xpg, nichia 119, led swaps, etc would be awesome.

    Who will be the first to post a quad nichia 219 p60 drop-in driven at 5.6A?
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