Sunday night I left the doors unlocked on the car for the first time in months. After the rains the vermin came out and decided to enter my car. They stole three cutout (discount) CD's, my spare blood sugar meter and my very old and worn Nuwaii Q3. It had to be kids because they missed the bag with the laptop inside.

I had the Q3 for ages, 25% of the finish was gone, lens was replaced, new switch boot installed. What sucks is when the battery dies, they will just toss it in the trash!

Now I need a new friend. I've been carrying a Tank 007 tail clickie AAA but I miss my old light.

To compensate, they left two cans of Axe deodorant. And they tossed the blood sugar tester under a tree where the rain killed it. I think they thought it was an MP3 player.