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Thread: Brighter CFL or LED for my torchiere?

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    Default Brighter CFL or LED for my torchiere?

    Is there a brighter LED or CFL bulb that will fit in my torchiere?

    I replaced a 500W halogen torchiere with two torchieres made for 150W 3-way incandescents. In the new torchieres I have MaxLite 11212 CFLs. (40W, 2700K, 3000 lumen). However those are nowhere near as bright as the halogen (3000 + 3000 lumens = 6000 lumens vs. 10,000 for the halogen).

    The torchiere shade allows roughly a 3-3/4" base and a 6" height (excluding the screw base). The shade is translucent Tiffany art glass so it needs to be illuminated. Therefore I don't think a reflector would work well.


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    Default Re: Brighter CFL or LED for my torchiere?

    The brightest torchiere I have found is a 55w CFL that outputs close to a 300w incandescent.

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