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Thread: Portable Energy Thinline Cell

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    I'm trying to find a replacement for these, they are 2V 5AH SLA cells, very thin. Mfr part # TLC02V50. Has anyone seen these for sale? I've looked around and a few suppliers claim to have them, but they're by inquiry only. The company that makes them seems to be around still, but they don't have a link to any for sale. Their site only sells a couple small solar products.

    I found some 2V 5AH cells from EnerSys, but they're cylindrical. Any help is appreciated!

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    I googled for a while and seems that this might be a China company? Anyway here is link in a b2b connection / order site that has contact phone no. etc. http://www.b2bmake.com/product-thinl...ry-831342.html Maybe he could help you out.

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