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Thread: *SOLD: OVEREADY GITD Z2 w/ VID drop-in...*SOLD*

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    Default *SOLD: OVEREADY GITD Z2 w/ VID drop-in...*SOLD*

    Oveready 18650 bored, GlowInTheDark Z2 Cerakote host with some goodies!
    -VanIsleDSM drop-in. 5.6 Amp, Copper, Carclo optic 1654 lumen version with R4's (18650's only).
    -FETtie switch.
    -Triad tail (w/ clip holes).
    -Black, 5 Cren, Xeno bezel.
    -UCL lens.
    -4 Trits
    I installed the FETtie switch into the Triad tail, was going for the Stormtrooper look, also included is the stock Z2 GITD tail that still retains the stock SF switch. With the 5.6 amps that the VID drop-in pulls, it is recomended to use the FETtie, actually, its necessary!
    I also applied a bit of GITD paint inside the optic "post holes" of the heatsink to glow through the optic and for when the GITD runs out of steam, Trit vials are mounted next to the posts to ensure non-stop glow! One of the trits is slightly brighter than the other 3, I either mixed up some older with newer or its a freak!

    How bout' some pics:

    Love this light, excellent Z2 design With the VID drop-in, this light is a screamer!!

    Love this light, excellent Z2 design and with the VID drop-in, it is a screamer!! The Triad tail finishes it off nice and gives good balance in the hand due to the extra weight of the copper sink up front.

    As a word of warning, some common sense and good judgement needs to exercised with this light. 5.6 amps is a hefty amount and needs some respect, and this light does kick out a respectable level of heat out the front. On high, at point blank, I think it could melt or ignite certain materials (I almost can't believe I am saying this about a hand-held flashlight!!!).
    When installing the drop-in, I used some thermal paste to aid in heat transfer to the head and body so at this time, I do not wish to part out the light, I will at least give it a few days, after that I may consider...
    Over $700 in parts, shipping from different vendors, and time.

    $650 $600 $575 OK, FINAL $550 *SOLD*

    -Paypal only please.
    -First "I'll take it" in this thread has priority.
    -Paypal fees and shipping to CONUS are included in the price.
    -Shipping sent Priority with Delivery Confirmation.
    -Not interested in trades at this time.

    -Thanks for looking!
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