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Thread: Can't locate any 14670 cells...

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    Default Can't locate any 14670 cells...

    I have an FM "1450L M*g 2-1/4D 8x14670" ( ) and I am looking for some replacement 14670 cells for it. It's been a while and some of the original cells that I ordered when I bought the light have gone a little south on me. I looked around the usual places, but can't seem to find anyone who has them. Any help? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Can't locate any 14670 cells...

    AW was the only one I know who had 14670 sized cells. At the begin of 2012 he runs out of 14670 sized cells and this size is now discontinued.

    The only thing you could do is using 14500 sized cells with a spacer you need to make to hve the 14670 size.
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    Default Re: Can't locate any 14670 cells...

    I have a couple that I bought about 5 months ago. I put them in my battery box and have not even used them. If you want them, send me a pm...
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