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Thread: Good LED dropin for M951? (don't want to grind the LU60)

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    Default Good LED dropin for M951? (don't want to grind the LU60)

    I was wondering if there were any good REGULATED D26 modules for the M951 that slide right in, or can handle some sanding, to fit into the LU60 adapter.

    I want one that can run off of 2 CR123 primaries, or 2 RCR123's (has to be compatible with both types).

    I am not afraid of an unpotted module, because I can probably convince a CPF member to pot it for me, for a fee.

    Optic is preferred, but I know D26 LED modules with optics are hard to come by.

    LED can be XM-L, XP-G, or XR-E. Smooth reflector preferred, but I can deal with a LOP/MOP reflector.

    I don't mind if I have to sand the outside of the module some.

    I know about the M61, but I want to know if there's other ones out there, too.
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    Default Re: Good LED dropin for M951? (don't want to grind the LU60)

    Having bored an LU60 to fit an M61, I would say that your only bet if you don't want to modify the LU60 is to go with the P60L. Having it bored would allow you to put any D26 drop-in you want in there.

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