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Thread: Tactical Weapon Light Which One {anyone}

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    Default Tactical Weapon Light Which One {anyone}

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you had a recommendations for flashlight for a as a weapon light

    Olight m20s-x Cree XML 500 Lumen
    Thrunite TN11 Cree XML T6
    Lumaforce LF1 520 Lumens Cree XML 5 mode
    Lumintop TD15X Cree XML
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    Default Re: Tactical Weapon Light Which One {anyone}

    For a weapon light, I would recommend something that only has one single mode - high. Along with that, it should have a momentary on/off switch, as you do not want to have the light on except for the moment you are about to confront the enemy with it.

    Also, if this light will be used indoors, be careful of the light being too bright and having the light bouncing off the white walls and coming back at you, hurting your own night vision or even temporarily blinding you as well as your enemy.

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