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    Default Klarus XT11 duty holster...

    I just got picked up by a local PD for part time. Being part time, I get to spend my money on all the gear I need. I will be working mostly nights so a good light is must. Been trolling the forum here for awhile now and I think the Klarus XT11 fits the bill. What holster works for the XT11? Its gotta fit on a duty belt, my only requirement... Thanks guys! BTW, I am open to other suggestions, not dead set on the Klarus...

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    First off, welcome to CPF! Second off, I will add my support to you using the klarus XT11 as an LEO. The dual switch interface is flawless in use under any circumstance, especially tactical ones. Thirdly, the XT11's qaulity, and performance is astounding in my opinion from other led lights I have had in the past. A lot of people say this light only floods in light lol.. of other lights that have more throw vs flood.. this light throws in my opinion and is well suited both for throw and flood. I highly recommend*

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    I've worn this blackhawk gladius holder on my duty belt. holds the light well bezel up only.

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    I run a Surefire V70 holster. Just got my XT11 today and it fits in the holster perfectly (tail down only)- Although it will definately scratch the hell out of the tailcap, just like it did on my 6P Defender and my Fenix TK11.

    I treat my lights like tools, so it doesnt bother me. Its the price i pay for a holster that works exactly how i want it too.

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    I still absolutely love the XT-11 and it remains as one of my primary duty carry lights. It's been a rock solid performer for me so I would have to say....YOU MADE A VERY GOOD CHOICE. I am currently using the sheath that came with the light and am satisfied with the fit and performance of it. An upgrade to a better holster may occur at some point but for now the OE sheath is meeting my needs.

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    Ialso carry the XT-11 on my duty belt.
    I am using the 4 Sevens Maelstrom holster.
    Bianchi makes a large chemical spray holder that works though it is a little tall.

    I have had the Blackhawk and wasn't pleased. My lights fell out of it often. Blackhawk also makes a nylon holster with a flap that is a little tight but is workable. Go to a Police supply store and check the various chemical holders.
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    Here is mine in the V70. Grip ring and clip removed, and I removed the stainless bezel as i think its a bit too 'flashy'

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