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Thread: Luxeon tristar wiring.

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    Default Luxeon tristar wiring.

    [IMG] 029 by egghead2004, on Flickr[/IMG]

    I just got these in the mail today and am anxious to mount them and test.
    My only question, Is there a way to solder all 3 LEDs together in series without using 6 wires?
    Can I just connect 1+ to DC+ and 3- to DC- and make little jumpers from 1- to 2+ and 2- to 3+?
    Will a little ball of solder work as jumpers instead of wire?


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    Default Re: Luxeon tristar wiring.

    I just watched the video on the Luxeon site, sorry about that!

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    Default Re: Luxeon tristar wiring.

    I assume you figured it out, but best bet from looking at it is to connect earth to 3- and positive to 2+, and connect the little bridges between 3+/1- and 1+/2-

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    Default Re: Luxeon tristar wiring.

    Yes, I finally figured it out. Luxeon has some pretty good help videos on their web site.


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