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Thread: Headlamp On a $15 Gift Card?

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    Default Headlamp On a $15 Gift Card?

    I received a $10 gift card to Home Depot today. Coupled with my left-over HD card with $5.68 on it, I have enough to get a $15 headlamp. I've narrowed my search to headlights only; no hand-held flashlights right now. I understand that if I add X dollars, I can have a better light, but please keep this to the ~$15 budget. I've narrowed my list to what's available in my local HD store. My thoughts below...

    Rayovac Indestructible 100-lumen light for $13. I already have this and it's great. However, I don't think I need a second one. SKU #372178
    Brinkmann LED Headlight with Swivel, two for $13. No experience with these. Reviews are good. SKU #277191
    Brinkmann 3-pack LED Headlights. Store price is $15. Three modes. I bought a pack of these two or three years ago, and at $5 each including batteries, they're pretty good. Not sure if I need more though. SKU #825538
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    Default Re: Headlamp On a $15 Gift Card?

    I'd go with that 825538 model myself. At least when it does fail, you will have a backup. If you think you can swing another 5.00, then I have that model 809-8303-H. It puts out a bow tie shaped beam, which is why it needs to rotate 90 degrees. You can direct the bow tie either up and down, or left and right. Very Floody and great for close up work. I keep one in my tool bag and have many, many hours of work using it.

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