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Thread: NiteCore EX11.2 experience....

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    Default NiteCore EX11.2 experience....

    Hi all,

    I just wanted to fill you all in about my experience with NiteCore. After reading a lot about the smaller LED pocket lights I settled on the NiteCore EX11 v.2 LED light. Ordered it online last October and received it several days later. Upon opening the package I found the EX11.2 to be a very well built & rugged little light. It uses a single CR123 battery and is quite bright for it's size. So far so good!! It has a metal button on the tail and the whole thing is made of metal (aluminum I presume). The instructions leave a little to be desired as they're clearly written by a non-english speaker and translated to english by a poor english speaker. No problem though, it is after all just a flashlight and isn't too hard to figure out. To adjust the variable brightness you have to press the button and hold it while the brightness ramps up or down. When you release the button the light stays at the level you chose. A single press of the button turns it off and another press turns it on. Various combinations of rapid presses and holding the button down for a few seconds do different things including an automatic morse code flash of SOS. You can lock the light out by holding the button down for about 2 seconds with the light off. Three rapid presses turn it back on. While the light is on, two rapid presses put it into it's lowest brightness setting, which is almost undetectable unless it's very dark or you look directly into the LED.

    This brings me to my first complaint: It's too easy to accidentally put the light into this low brightness mode -- My girlfriend has done this several times now and drained the battery down unintentionally. It happened to me a few times as well, but now I remember to check before putting it away. The button is sprung fairly stiffly and it's very easy to double press when you intend a single press. I emailed NiteCore about this but received a nearly useless response from their customer service department that told me that this was a design feature and to read the "user manual" (which is a single sheet of paper).

    My second complaint is with the product quality itself. Every once in a while the light will stop responding to button presses completely. I suppose the electronics inside get confused and just freeze up. When this happens you have to unscrew the light and remove the LED / bezel, then put it back together to get it working again.

    My third complaint is also about product quality. After about two months of use, the light started to eat up batteries. At first I thought I'd just left it on in dim mode for a period of time, but after putting in a fresh battery twice and having it go completely dead overnight without being turned on, I determined the light was defective. I contacted NiteCore who directed me to the dealer I bought it from for service. It's very annoying to me to have to include a middle man in a repair that is clearly going to be handled by the manufacturer, but in any case, I sent it back to the place of purchase on January 16th.

    This brings me to my fourth complaint. They received it January 19th and sent it to China for repair, where it's been ever since. It apparently took a month to get there, arriving on or about Feb. 22 "due to the Chinese New Year and customs issue." I checked in with the seller again a month ago on April 3 and they told me the light had been repaired but was now stuck in customs. They didn't have a release date yet but they said let me know when it arrives. I sent them another email requesting a status update today.

    I'm not sure if they're telling the truth about the customs hold up as I've had packages shipped to me from China via parcel post in as little as a week from the date the order was placed... It probably would have been better for me to have just sent it in directly but NiteCore doesn't work that way. Oh well....

    So to sum it up, I'm not very happy with NiteCore products or their customer service. I'll probably never buy another one of their products again. YMMV

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    Default Re: NiteCore EX11.2 experience....

    the two v2's i ordered from different batches last year had similar issues, eating batts in a couple of days and/or acting weird...
    it's a pitty since this light has the perfect size, clip and outputs for my use, but i can't rely on it.

    i believe using rechargeable li-ion's fried something in the electronics (even if it's claimed by manufacturer to accept 4.2v batts...)

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