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Thread: Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

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    Default Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

    I just joined Search & Rescue and I need to buy a headlamp. I don't know much about headlamps and I thought i'd ask you pro's.

    What's a good LED head lamp that is bright and gets at least 4+ hours of battery time and does not cost more then $100.00?

    Thanks in advance for helping a newbie!!! Your valuable input could help save lives, thanks!

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    Default Re: Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

    Not an expert, but I have got headlamp from,

    Zebralight H600 US$89

    Spark ST6-460NW ard US$99

    But for your requirement of 4+ hrs, u may need spare batteries I believe.

    For H600 :-Light Output
    • High: H1 420Lm with 750Lm turbo in the first 3 min (2.3 hrs) or H2 170Lm (7 hrs) / 270Lm (4 hrs) / 420Lm (2.4 hrs) / 4Hz Strobe
    • Medium: M1 65Lm (18 hrs) or M2 21Lm (50 hrs)
    • Low: L1 2.8Lm (280 hrs) or L2 0.1Lm (80 days)
    • Runtimes are tested using Panasonic NCR18650 (2900mAH) batteries. Light output are out the front (OTF) values. All levels are current regulated.

      H600 have spot & H600F froasted lens model to choose from.

      For Spark ST6-500CW :-

      Super: 500lm/1.4hours
      Max: 320lm/2.5hours
      Med1: 150lm/8hours
      Med2: 50lm/28hours
      Low: 8lm/8days

      ST6 came with changeable clear & diffused lens.

      ST6 able to accept reverse battery polarity, meaning it doesn't matter u slide in the battery top or end first, it will just work, especially changing battery in a rush & dark area.
      Hope this help, or wait for some expert to chime in
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    Default Re: Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

    The ZebraLight and Spark are nice headlamps, but they use 18650 Li-ion batteries. These require special chargers and special handling.

    If you just want to use regular AA batteries, I would look at the Princeton Tec Apex.

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    Default Re: Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

    Does it have to be a headlight?
    The Fenix headband + your choice of light is still a good system.

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    Default Re: Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

    Well known in Europe Scandinavian brand Silva: http://silva.se/all-gear

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    Default Re: Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

    Fenix hp11

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    Default Re: Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

    I recently got the spark st6-500cw. I ran a test at work

    With the light on high (220 lumen) I got 4 hrs and 5 minutes on a 2600ma ultrafire battery. This was on a battery fresh out of the charger. 18650 batteries.

    It is easy to carry extra batteries along. 1 extra battery will get you all night...or a couple of batteries will let you run turbo for a long time too. The light runs on turbo with out overheating continuously...a great feature.

    Be aware the light seems more like 400 lumens....but this is partly because the light has a strong spill and a decent bright center area. You will still want a powerful flashlight along with a headlamp. We are talking bright light to 100 feet...and longer distance if it's real dark.

    This is a very good quality light. Just be aware the some of the longer high capacity batteries can be too tight a fit. The end cap has a strong spring in each end- and the longer batteries can put a bit of a strain on the battery end.

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    Default Re: Brightest LED Headlamp w/ good battery time?

    Personally, I would look at something from either Black Diamond, Princeton Tec, or Silva. These are the lights used by experienced mountaineering people. The Apex is a good choice, I have the extreme model with the external battery pack. It is my preferred outdoors light, but it's a bit too much for everyday around the house use. For that I just ordered a BD Spot.

    I should ask...Do you want... No battery pack, battery pack on back of head, external battery pack?
    Do you need a flashing mode?
    Do you think you would want Red LEDs?
    Do you want to use AA, AAA, Lithiums, NiMh (rechargeable)

    Answering these questions should help us narrow the field.

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