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Thread: Upgrading Solidlights 1203D - what to use?

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    Default Upgrading Solidlights 1203D - what to use?

    Forgive me if I'm being a n00b, I've searched this forum and the forums over at mtbr.com and haven't found an answer...

    I've got a Solidlights 1203D dynamo bike light, serial number 110, so it's one of the originals with twin Luxeon III LEDS. It's a great little light but I'm thinking of taking it apart and upgrading the internals as I'm aware there are brighter and more efficient emitters out there.

    However, I'm not sure which emitters to use. Solidlights themselves later offered an upgrade package, replacing the emitters with Seoul P4s, the lens holders with Carclo Optics 10036s and lenses with Carclo Optics 10193s - that's taken from their website at http://www.solidlights.co.uk/faq.php. All the info I've found on P4s seems to be from around 2007 - are there newer and better replacements out there? I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.


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    Default Re: Upgrading Solidlights 1203D - what to use?

    I did the upgrade a while ago.
    At the bottom of the FAQ, there is more information:
    the LEDs are replaced with Seoul Semiconductor P4 stars, type W42182-U
    the lens holders are replaced with Carclo Optics type 10036
    the lenses are replaced with Carclo Optics type 10193
    Do a search with maker's name and part number, you'll find them.

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    Default Re: Upgrading Solidlights 1203D - what to use?

    By looking at the Users manuals, and the pictures there, you could squeeze XM-Ls and Ledil LX-P RS optics in there. That should do the trick pretty well.
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