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Thread: Como Una Promesa LX-Tu, LX-Tu …

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    Default Como Una Promesa LX-Tu, LX-Tu …

    Como una mañana de verano …… Como Una Sonrisa, … Ok Now Everybody! … LX-Tu, … LX-Tuuuuuuuuuu ….

    Ok, ok, ok, may be it wasn’t such a good of an idea! … No offence, but some of U sure can’t hold a note! ….

    Seriously guys n’ gals, Pops first OEM/stock Surefire arrive yesterday. And you guessed it, it’s a LX-tu, I mean a LX2!

    Talk about being late to a Party when everybody’s already gone home! But it’s always better to be late then never, even if no ones left at the party (story of my life)!

    Seriously though, and to be honest. I had a slight bit of apprehension after reading Part three of the LX2 thread. Discussions of misaligned emitters, which threw an off centered hot spot and tint variations. The other topic of discussion was the mismatched ano on various parts on the LX2. However mismatched ano was a non-issue since I place performance (ergonomics, build, beam profile and tint) over aesthetics, or general appearance.

    Saying all the above, I was sold on the LX2 as soon as I tightened the tail cap, then pressed the two stage button! Hot spot was close to center, the artifacs of the TIR optic was good, and the tint has a cool white with a slight hint of natural (low has a slightest hint of green, but it‘s good to go since I mainly use the high out put). My Rotary has the low to medium range duties!

    BUT now I gotta really “BIG” problem!

    I have to convince my boy Calvin to let his Pops use it, instead of just letting me test the dang light!

    If “MY” silver E1b does as well! That would be fantastic, and everybody will be happy!

    Oh well, almost everyone!
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