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Thread: Need your advice on Quark AA-T

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    Help Need your advice on Quark AA-T

    I've heard about Quark series for a long time,but it was very hard to get one of those in my country until last week I found a dealer here who offeres Quark AA-T with a price of about 46 dollars. 4Sevens' website said that they could provide 240-month warrenty,but that dealer claimed only two years. Is that a good deal though? BTW I found many of Quark series are "discontinued" on their website. What's that about?
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    4Sevens offers a 10yr warranty as far as I know - dealers are not involved after the first 30 days. All the sales now are part of their rebranding efforts (new logo/website) so they're moving all old logo stuff out.

    I bought about a dozen of their lights on these great sales for gifts.

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    10 year warranty from defect. Quarks are very good lights and 4sevens do honor their warranties. Don;t know about the change rate or anything, but if I could pay 46 dollars in Canadian money here I'd go hog wild!
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