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    So here are some beamshots from some allstars i happen to take tonight. Just iphone pics but i thought they were interesting so i thought id share.
    Hds hi cri clicky

    Hds 300t torchlab clixky (xml)

    Left to right: hi cri clicky, macs edc sst50 neutral, custom 1050mah warm xpg, custom nuetral xml 1050mah pd, xml torchlab clicky

    Warm xpg haiku, torchlab clicky
    hi cri, torchlab clicky

    1050mah xml bs torchlab clicky xml
    sst50 edc vs warm xpg haiku

    Macs sst50 vs hi cri clicky

    Hi cri clicky vs xml custom neutral pd

    Hope everyone can enjoy my random contribution!
    Heres another beamshot comparison to add:
    Both D10's. Neutral xm-l vs nichia 219 both running off 14500 imr cells.
    219 on left xm-l on right.
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    Thanks for posting these beamshots! They are very helpful.

    Is that a new HDS High CRI clicky or an older version?

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    Its an older clicky. Probably 2 years old. Glad you found it helpful.

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    Default Re: BEAMSHOTS

    your just showing off with your BADD lights

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    Default Re: BEAMSHOTS

    should have never sold you that clicky...

    Oh, and nice job on the beamshots!

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    those PD-S lights look awesome. I have a slate PD-S that I will be sending out for mod soon. Cant wait

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    Nice job, I always enjoy multi light beam shots.
    "Life is tough, but its tougher when you're stupid"--John Wayne
    "Luceat lux vestra" = Let your light shine, [in Latin]

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    Thanks guys. Have a new acquisition thats gonna be sent out for some 219 goodness so maybe ill update the op when i get it back.

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    Updated with xm-l vs 219 shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ffemt6263 View Post
    Updated with xm-l vs 219 shot.
    Pic isn't loading


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    Thanks for the heads up. Just tried to fix it but it doesnt seem to be working. Ill have to try to figure it out in the morning. Sorry guys

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    Heres the 219 on left vs the xml on right.

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