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Thread: What small flashlight?

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    Default What small flashlight?

    I'm looking for another light to add to my collection, I am fascinated with small sized but high output/performance lights. I want something on between my Klarus mi x6, and my larger 18650 lights, I am wondering whether to get a single AA light or a single CR123 light as they are pretty small too, and tend to have higher outputs.

    Any recommendations for high output small lights?

    Just be used out on dog walks and as an extra EDC, also I will start work as a taxi driver soon, so be useful at night to spot lost things in the cab etc.

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    Default Re: What small flashlight?

    From an economic standpoint, the Romisen RC-G2 II or III at is an outstanding single AA light with 140 tp 150 lm (II or III). Simple, click on, click off UI. Solid build and fairly nice looking too. I got the RC-G2 II NW in gray and love the look. At $19 plus some small shipping amount, minus CPF discount.... it's a very good deal.

    For a little more cash - around $30-ish, the Xeno E03 is a fun, single AA Dr. Jekyl & Mr. Hyde light! On a normal AA, it outputs up to 120 lm and has 3 settings to cycle through on the rear click switch (low, ultra low & high). But when you put a 14500 battery in this thing.. it become Mr. Hyde with 430 lm! Blam!!!
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    Default Re: What small flashlight?

    Single cr123 light using a rcr123 rechargeable will give you up to 500 lumens on turbo! Sunwayman v11R and jetbeam rrt01 around 8 - 8.5cm.

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    Well, since you already have 18650s, I recommend going with a AA - based light that will run 14500s. They have greater capacity than RCR123/16340s, and in a pinch, can also run widely available lithium (L91) and alkaline primaries, and of course, the cheap and safe NiMhs.

    I like the Quark X run an 1xAA tube for something between 300 lumens and 300 hrs, depending upon the battery used.

    There are great sales on the AA^2 X and with the optional 1xAA tube, you have a spare batt container, and single/multi cell options, all in the low $60s.
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    Default Re: What small flashlight?

    My favorite flashlight is also the smallest I have found on internet....
    It's only 7.7 cm long, 2 cm diameter and cost 16.50$. Ultrafire WF-C6S. I use a single 16340 battery (same size as cr123)
    I changed the driver and the led for a XP-G, now I estimate the output at 300-400 lumens... It last about 50 minute at max, it's definitely the best flashlight I have.
    With a small holster, I carry it with me all day long.

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    Default Re: What small flashlight?

    How about something that uses Cr2s? 4 sevens has some that are pretty neat.

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    Default Re: What small flashlight?

    Yeah I think I'd like something CR123 or RCR123, preferably compatible with both, needs to be good enough to dog walking, so I want to look for one with the best throw. 4sevens quark, klarus xt1c, any more ideas? They all has smooth reflectors?

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    Default Re: What small flashlight?

    got the RRT01 and PC10,the PC10 appears brighter and has a deeper reflector, but the RRT01 is a great light,fits in pocket nice and flush
    and ergonomically well

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