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Thread: Batteries with outlets?

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    So I need to do some lighting for an outside application way out in the desert at night. I really don't want to buy a generator beacuse they are expensive and noisy. Do they sell large batteries that have outlets on them. I found this
    ut it's way too expensive and I just want a battery that I can charge at home then take with me. Anyone have any ideas?

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    The Hensel may be overkill. It is not actually a battery with outlets, it is a battery and a DC to AC inverter. How large a load do you need to run for how long?
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    That Hensel is a $1000 joke.

    Definitely need more details.

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    For that price you might as well consider a honda inverter generator instead
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    More details needed. What is expected total power draw, duration, budget, light source type constraints? You can get a marine deep-cycle battery and a $30 inverter for an operation involving a few hundred watts and running for an hour or two, and it starts going up from there.

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