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Thread: XM18-B review now up!

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    Thumbs up XM18-B review now up!

    For those interested:


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    Great write up ! I have a craving now, for both the light and the noodles.

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    Thanks for the review, just ordered mine today!! Can't wait to get it.

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    Thx guys!

    Here's a beamshot out to 500ft at the beach:

    For shot details as well as to see how it fares vs. other lights, check here:
    turboBB's 2012 Memorial Day Weekend Camping Report (24-XM-L-lights-beamshots-vids)

    I'll have the camp site shots up later today.

    EDIT: Camping shots along with a camping use mini video review now up in that thread.

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    This is a well crafted review. Thank you for taking the time to put together this great information.


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