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Thread: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

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    Default Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    Hey, I'm considering switching my Malkoff Hound Dog to 18650s, but I'm not sure what brand to get.

    I heavily prefer made in USA or other first world country, and I'm willing to pay more for better quality batteries.

    Any suggestions on what to get and what retailer to buy from?

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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    I would change your "first world country" to "in a quality driven market" assuming that means something as a good manufacturer in a developing country will be always better than a cheap manufacturer in the USA.
    IMO, "first world country" means nothing or is reminescent of the cold world era at best!
    Also, if you ecxlude made-in-China flashligths you'll be ruling out a few good brands and models! Your light, your call though.
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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    If you're just out to use flashlights, you only need so many. There are plenty USA made lights to do what I need to do.

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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    I went with EagleTac 3100 18650s for my PD32 and Zebralight SC-600. I picked up the XTAR WP2 II charger to charge my Li Ions. After buying lights, NiMH batteries and NiMH chargers in the beginning of the year, I needed to watch my pennies.

    If money isn't a concern, get a Pila IBC charger and either some CalliesKustoms, Orbtronics, International-Outdoors, AW, EagleTac and/or Redilast 18650s. Most are between $15-$20 per cell, before shipping. The Pila will set you back between $45-$50 before shipping.

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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    Ok, so it turns out I'm an idiot -.-

    I received two Panasonic 18650s and charger I ordered from Orbtronic's website today. They're made in Japan, but I realized they're not protected. They do offer the same battery with protection, so I'll have to call and see if I can exchange.

    However, I'm more of an idiot because I didn't realize the MD3 body for my Hound Dog takes two 18500 batteries, not 18650. Orbtronics doesn't sell 18500s, so I'm still looking for a recommendation here. These are the two I've found that might work, but I'm not sure on their manufacture, if anybody could help me with that I'd appreciate it (AW 18500, Ultrafire 18500)
    I'm not sure if its even worth getting 18500s. The ones I've linked only have 1500 or 1600 mAh compared to 3100 mAh for 18650s. I guess I've got to find a use for my extra MD3 body -.-

    Of course, Malkoff Devices show they're out of stock on their MD4 bodies, so I'm stuck with CR123As for now -.-
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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    for 18500's I don't think there are anything available other than made in china.
    I would go with AW since the "fire" brand stuff tends to garbage most of the time with heavily inflated numbers.
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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    There are awesome Panasonic NCR18500 cells (true 2000mAh), but good luck finding them in retail quantities! I can't find them anywhere with MOQ less than 1000.

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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    Well, my plan is to call Malkoff tomorrow, see if they'll exchange the MD3 for MD4 body (it is basically unused and less than a month old), then call Orbtronics and see if they'll let me return the Panasonic 18650s that are unprotected and order two of these 18650s.

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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    Called Malkoff today, Gene himself answered! He's a very nice dude and said it would be no problem to exchange the MD3 for MD4 body. I shipped it today. He even chatted a bit about his time in Boise (I asked about the picture of him on his site in Boise).

    Very, very impressed with Malkoff Devices. Their customer service is up to par with their excellent lights!

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    Default Re: Recommend me an 18650 setup?

    I think a Pila charger or the new intellicharger are the top two chargers. As for batteries, I am switching from AW to Eagle Tac [3100's] as I find none of my AW's will charge past 4.14V[since brand new] The Eagle Tac's charge up nicely to 4.18 or 4.19 every time.Capacity seems equal. Plus the ET's are half the price.
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