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Thread: precision mounting plate for laser

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    Default precision mounting plate for laser

    i want to mount a laser for long range tx of audio.
    i need a precision mounting plate but those cost a lot.
    any recommendations on cheap clones or diy methods?

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    Default Re: precision mounting plate for laser

    You can aim these by hand if you follow certain precautions. These jigs really just let you smoothly position the laser. Build something like it. Follow these rules though:

    1. No eyes can get in the beam path. No reflectors besides rain in the beam path. Laser safe to humans in specular reflections.

    Beyond that, this isn't DIY.

    1. Build a jig like that one with wing nuts to lock it in place. Mount the laser on said jig.

    2. Get some binoculars on a clear night.

    3. Put a backstop on the receiver so you'll see the laser dot when it's close.

    4. Line up the laser to the receiver roughly then finely. Tighten the wing nuts gradually. You may want a mallet to 'persuade' the last few arc-seconds.

    5. Test it.
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    Default Re: precision mounting plate for laser

    thanks, useful advice.

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