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    I purchased my tk15 about a year ago at a florida gun show . I had no problems running it until about 1 month ago . The 1st time i tried 18650 batteries turbo mode would not work . I was told by going gear this was an issue with older tk15 lights . I emailed fenix in china about the issue and they reffered me to fenix-store . After examining my light they said they would send it back to me with the appropriate battery to work the light . I then spoke to one of their representatives who said the difference between high and turbo should be more noticeable . They decided instead to ship me out a brand new light . Judy and Zane from fenix-store are great . They did this for me with no proof of purchase . Fenix in China ran my lights serial number and saw that it came through Fenix-Store in OKlahoma and now i have a brand new light on the way .

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    how can we help?
    whats your question?

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    what do you mean how can we help what is my question

    the statement i was making was only about how good there customer service is and how quick they helped to solve my problem

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    I have also dealt with them a couple of times. Nice folks and very helpful.

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    Thanks for the info on potential issues with older tk15 lights. This may help some if theirs have the same problems.

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    i too have had excellent customer service from fenix, i think her name was Joy, or Joyce.
    because of this reason alone, fenix is one of the very few chinese made brands i still consider buying.

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