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Thread: New Sundrop Owner

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    Default New Sundrop Owner

    Hi guys, this is one of my first 5 posts here... I introduced myself a few days ago. I recently got a Sundrop and love it. I'm fascinated by the XRU head possibilities, but I don't really know how it all works.

    1st question: what emitters can I put in the XRU Sundrop--it currently has an XML.

    2nd q: when you get a new emitter, does that mean you get a whole new head from Don? Or just the emitter? If you don't work on the light yourself, do you send it to Don to change the emitter? Hope I am speaking correctly.

    3rd q: What differences would you expect with the different emitters specifically in a sundrop XRU?

    I hope my questions make sense. I'm really new at this. Thank you !

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    MC- The XRU head is compatible with all Don's current emitter offerings. XML will be the brightest, followed by the XPG. The Nichia 119 is a high cri emitter, which gives up lumens for fantastic color rendering. A worthwhile compromise depending on your needs or wants. The "can", or part where the LED is mounted, is removable with needle nosed pliers, it just screws out of the head. Other cans with different LED's are generally available from Don, depending on his current stock. Takes longer to talk about than to actually swap them. There are other folks here who can build cans with different emitters, but Don has put a lot of thought into how hard they are driven, and how much heat they produce. Building hot rods can be fun, but care must be exercised when using them on high level for extended periods. The 119 is a great choice if maximum lumens is not your goal, and it's very easy on the eyes. There is discussion about it in the "High cri Haiku" thread, as well as Don's sales threads for the Ti Mule and Haiku high cri. Lots of good reading here... Enjoy your new light!

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    Default Great answer

    Thanks, I get it. Appreciate the reply.

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