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Thread: 5amp & 10+ LED driver construction

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    Default 5amp & 10+ LED driver construction

    Can anyone (with real know how) direct me to info./tell me how to put together a driver (preferably a cc) for Luminus: SST50-5amp, SST90-9/10amp, CST90-13+amps , CSM360-3+amps, emitters. I have most of the components needed for the task-just no brains.

    Responders please be specific/detailed with info. or directions to info. If it means anything, I will be seriously indebted to you. Or if you are just a very helpful person, thanks a bunch! Please no showoffs-I need real help.

    Never done this B4 and uncertain about protocol, hope I got it right, here

    O&O cgc210

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    If you have most components, then you should not be asking these questions. Go and read datasheet of your controller.

    Now if you don't have controller yet, forget about integrated FET controllers and look ad LM3421 from National (now TI) or Maxim's MAX16834. Once you decide which one you will be using (based on availability/soldering skills), download datasheet, select topology (buck/boost/flyback) and start building. I know that I sound like a smart ass with my question, but you post lacks basic information like what power source you will be using, space constrains, what kind of application, etc... Furthermore, you say you lack brains - 13A currents are lethal, be careful not to feature in Darwin awards...

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    Default Re: 5amp & 10+ LED driver construction

    Are you sure you want to assemble driver yourself? There are bunch of high quality pre-assembled drivers available with drive currents you need, e.g. from TaskLED.

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    here is a link for detailed step by step construction of a led driver that can supply 5A at various voltages

    email me if you need help running this at higher voltages.

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