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Thread: Building a fire flashlight

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    Default Building a fire flashlight

    I've finially decided to build a high output light like Mac's customs made a few years back. I purchased the 100w 12v bulb and a 2d cell mag light. I'll be turning a custom reflector soon enough. But I cant figured out the specs on the batteries. I can find Intellect 1400 1.2v NiMh in battery packs, but I'm not sure if they are the correct dimensions. Also, I need to modify the switch to handle the larger load. So any information on that would be great.

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    Default Re: Building a fire flashlight

    You need to tri-bore the body of the Mag and get 12 (or 13) of these cells:
    Milky M375 3xSSCP4 USWOH w/ 1x18650 Leef body and SW02 clicky,Milky X1628 KT4 head on a 2x26650 BigLeef system,P1D-Q5 w/ Leef body,Boxer 24W HID,Wolf-Eyes 6A w/ Cree H.O. drop-in,Amilite T5,Borealis (Mag85) w/ FM3H-2 head,FM 1450L 2 1/4D Mag,SL Strion,SL Ultrastinger

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    Default Re: Building a fire flashlight

    You will need to tri bore the battery barrel like this.

    Another option is tail switch like

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    Default Re: Building a fire flashlight

    Nice, I've always wanted to build one of those, I look forward to following your progress.

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    Default Re: Building a fire flashlight

    I just purchased 13 of the elite 1500 2/3 cells for 38.10(shipped). What kind of charger would you recommend?

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