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Thread: 4sevens Quark: Anti Roll Collar?

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    Hi all,

    I am the proud new owner of a new R5 Quark 123^2. I love this little light and it suits me perfectly. It is amazing the amount of light this thing puts out. Also impressive is the moonlight mode. This will complement my Preon2 nicely. Alas, you all know about this light so I won't beat a dead horse.

    I took the clip off the light, as I will never use it. The only reason I'd want it there is to act as an anti-roll feature. But I really don't want it on there strictly for that purpose.

    So here's my question: Does anyone know of another suggestion (other than the pocket clip) to prevent the light from rolling when set on its side? I'd love it if I could get my hands on a collar with a few angles on it that would replace the stop ring for the clip. Just curious if anyone has any suggestions.

    I briefly thought about cutting the clip mostly off and leaving a little nub on there, but was curious about other solutions that people might have figured out. Thanks.

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    I use the Fenix AD401 diffuser on my Quark X, and that stops it from rolling around.

    Plus the diffuser comes in very handy for up-close tasks.

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    Default Re: 4sevens Quark: Anti Roll Collar?

    If you know a machinest, they should be able to make you a collar to replace the clip retaining ring.

    Crude but simple is a cable tie (zip tie).

    I use the Quark FingerGrip on my Quark 123^2 Turbo X.

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    How about removing the clip's screw down collar and tie a black piece of paracord around it with a couple of knots in it?

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    Hmm. What about some screws or a peg in the lanyard hole?

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    Thank you for your great suggestions. I will give it a go. Maybe something with paracord or perhaps the screw idea. I can probably find a tiny screw & nut to add in there. Zip tie would also work. I'll probably look into a diffuser down the road sometime. That would be handy. I appreciate your help!

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    Default Re: 4sevens Quark: Anti Roll Collar?

    I use a cable tie

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