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    Question Led flasher


    Has someone tried to make a hi power led flasher?
    I have an old flasher housing collecting dust and I'd love to use it again (even though it is a nice waterproof key holder )

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    Well, yes and no... Packhorse started a thread here, I've been working on a setup and have something working but we never finished the build (probably because it took me a bit long).
    Have a look at it, if you're interested, I'll see if I can send you a chip that is programmed to flash some AMC7135 based drivers.
    I worked also on reprogramming such drivers that already had a attiny13 chip onboard, but reprogramming these is just a pain because there are no decent clips to hook on the chip, so I didn't continue on this so far.
    I would have finished it if I was able to build the housing, but my lathe skills are not yet advanced enough for that :-(

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