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Thread: FS Solarforce Skyline I Long Throw Unlimited Mode Torch x1

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    Default FS Solarforce Skyline I Long Throw Unlimited Mode Torch x1

    Anyone intrested?

    Gave this to my brother as a gift - it was rarely used. small scratch on tailcap an head - barely noticable Led assembly: Use 7090 XR-E WC R2 Cree Led Driver: New solarforce R&D driver circuit to protect Li-ion battery from over-discharging. Working voltage is 3V to 6V, under the circuit Runtime: 18650 3.7v – 3.5 hours CR123A 3.0v x 2 – 1.5 hours Battery configuration: 18650 3.7v x 1 pc CR123A 3.0v x 2pc (please DO NOT use CR123A rechargeable batteries as it will burn the bulb) The combined circuit used for user-defined and multifunctional brightness adjustment: Skyline I adopt the Solarforce own R&D technology “Infinite output System®” There are 3 functions Function A: 1 mode – 300 Lumens Click on/off normally, the light will provide Single level output Fit for all user Function B: 0-300 Lumens – There are totally 300 level of output for your to selected Keep Pressing the on/off click Then Infinite system will be activated. The output will start decreasing from 300 Lumens to 0 Lumens very slowly. Until it meet your selected output, remove the press and the light remains at the that level of output If you want to increase the output level, just keep pressing the on/off click again, the light will start increasing the output up to 300 Lumens. Easy to use, simple pressing the on/off click, you can get what you want. Function C: Strobe function By Double clicking the on/off switch very quickly within a second Advantages for the advance system 1. Easy to operate, no need to screw the head, or do any adjustment like old technology, all operation is just using 1 press button 2. Each function usage are separate and clear. It will just a single output flashlight, if you don’t use other function. 

Multi-functional flashlight but fit for all user market 3. Muli-level of output, only Solarforce provide 300 Level of output in the market and its not different to operate. World class DEEPEST & NARREST Reflector, the best Long Throw device with similar size Provide the WORLD BEST CLASS Long throw output Size of reflector: 41mm diameter x 60mm length The world Deepest and narrowest reflector provides World best class efficient illumination over longer distances than the standard with similar power or even they already got deep reflector Made with premium military grade aluminum Waterproof Capability: IPX-8 standard Toughened ultra clear glass lens with AR coating Weight: 278 g Length: 47mm Head diameter: 180mm length

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    how much are you selling it for?..might be interested.

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    pm sent for functional skyline

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    Default Re: FS Solarforce Skyline I Long Throw Unlimited Mode Torch x1

    Please edit your post to include a price.

    Policy#3. You MUST post a price for all items you put up for sale. Auctions, feelers and requests for offers are NOT permitted.


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