Hey everyone. I copied the questions from the sticky and filled them out.

1) How would you prefer to purchase the light?


2) Budget: An easy question, but you may change your mind after answering the rest! :-)

Less than $30

3) Format:

I want a flashlight.

4) Flashlight-specific format/size:

Every day carry medium (4-7 inches).

5) Emitter/Light source:


6) Manufacturer:

I want to buy a light from a traditional mass producing manufacturer that is ready to go out of the box.

7) What battery type do you want to use?


8) How much genuine out the front (OTF) light do you want/need? Sometimes you can have too much light (trying to read up close up with a 100 lumen light is impossible).

I am looking for something with 2 modes, a dim reading mode and also a bright 100-200 lumen mode.

9) Throw vs. Flood: At what distance will you be most likely to use this light? Select all that apply.

20 - 40 yards

10) Runtime: Not over-inflated manufacturer runtime claims, but usable brightness measured from first activation to 50% with new batteries (Measured on maximum output).

3+ hours. The longer the better

11) Durability/Usage: Generally the old phrase “you get what you pay for” is very accurate for flashlights.

I will be using it for camping, so it's pretty important.

12) Switch Type and location (choose all that apply):

I don’t know. Just a simple on/off switch is fine.

13) User Interface (UI) and mode selection. Select all that apply.

I want 2 light levels


I don’t care.

15) Special Needs/extras: Is there anything else you want or need that hasn't been mentioned? Select any below.

Color filters would be nice but aren't necessary. I would consider paying a few extra bucks for one that came with a blue or green filter.

I have a feeling I am hoping for too much for just $30 or less, but hey.