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Thread: Sony DSC-HX200v VS. Canon Powershot sx40 HS....?

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    Default Sony DSC-HX200v VS. Canon Powershot sx40 HS....?

    I'm looking for a new camera that will be used mostly for traveling, taking pics of our new born, pets, HD video, etc...just the standard everyday stuff, nothing too in depth. I have a basic working knowledge of cameras and their settings, but I believe a DSLR will be out of my capability and I like the idea of an auto focusing point and shoot and be done with it camera.

    I have $600 in credit to spend at ( ) and these two cameras seem to be about the best I can get. I don't really want to add any more money to it if I don't have to, and if someone can make a reasonable argument for a DSLR, then I will definitely listen.

    From my couple days of research, the sony seems to be more feature packed, take much better 1080P video (very important to me), and has the better screen...but doesn't seem to take as "sharp" of pictures as the canon.

    ETA: Also, how much better will either of these be vs a top tier compact digital point and shoot camera?

    Any input would be appreciated!
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    Default Re: Sony DSC-HX200v VS. Canon Powershot sx40 HS....?

    I prefer the canon lenses and autofocus, IS, etc.

    For the super zoomy stuff, if you don't plan on taking a lot of zoomed shots at THAT kind of do give up some f stop to get that range. So if you need the optical zoom range, its worth it, but it will be slower than a fixed lens equivalent, etc.

    The Canon S100 is worth a look too actually, with better low light performance than what you are considering above, which for candid shots of the kids, fast action at the soccer games, etc....really helps...and the newer logic programming, its a potentially better choice. (Unless, again, you need to make things more than say 5x closer with optical, etc...)

    It ALSO allows full manual over rides of focus and exposure/balance parameters, etc...or full auto...takes 1080p video, can zoom in/out while taking a movie, etc...and is sharp.

    Its also able to fit in a pocket...which at least for me, means I might actually have it with me when something to TAKE a pic of occurs.

    The larger cameras that are too bulky to carry w/o the decision to carry being a consideration of the compromises....which is why you will decide to leave the large camera behind, because its inconvenient/heavy to lug it around.

    Food for thought if looking for a point and shoot.

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    Default Re: Sony DSC-HX200v VS. Canon Powershot sx40 HS....?

    Seems the common take is that that canon produces better images at the expense of some of the speed and features...

    I would like to keep the zoom as we do travel quite a bit and I feel like I'm always lacking the 5x optical my point and shoot has for those situations. Also the HD movie taking is another feature I like bc we don't have a dedicated movie camera so this will sort of double as both. The thing that I really liked about the sony is that it takes 1080p at 60fps vs the much lower fps of some of the other cameras and that "judder" bothers me....but I find my self wondering if it will be worth the trade off of image quality on prints? I don't plan on much bigger than 8x10's, you think either would do?

    The other option is throwing in another $50-100 bucks and get the sony + a solid point and shoot. I have an older sony t100 in good shape, would upgrading to a newer compact point and shoot be worth it?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Sony DSC-HX200v VS. Canon Powershot sx40 HS....?

    Generally, there are no still cameras that are as good at taking movies as a dedicated movie camera...and 24 fps is what you see on the big screen, and the if you see judder while watching about every movie you've ever seen at the theater - OK, I guess you have faster eye processing or something.

    Frame rate for a TV refresh is not the same as frame rate for a, if the frame rate on the flat screen, etc...looks funny, that's a different issue...and faster rates help a lot to prevent blur.

    That said, I'm sure 60 fps is better than 24, and 30, etc. I think the Hobbit is being done in 48 (First time in history?)...double the 24 fps the industry has been using since the early 1900's.

    Anyway, 30 fps is better than what goes traditionally on the big for thought.

    If fps is a deal breaker for you though, I'd say you are an aficionado enough to get a dedicated movie digital noise, etc, MUST be even more annoying.

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    Default Re: Sony DSC-HX200v VS. Canon Powershot sx40 HS....?

    Both are good, I have used them each quite a bit (I work around cameras all day) I recently got the Sony, the image quality is amazing, the Steady Shot works as advertised. The macro ability is ridiculous and it does have 60p video which looks good to me. The Canon is good too but the Sony won me over. Not a complaint on the image quality at all.

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    Default Re: Sony DSC-HX200v VS. Canon Powershot sx40 HS....?

    I have the S100 and can vouch for its quality. I'm finding I use it more and more then my SX1. The low light and high ISO capability is great and the stereo HD 1920x1080 is comparable. Plus it goes every where due to its size.

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