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    if you own an older tk15 it will not go into turbo mode with a 18650 battery . i discovered this after about a year of ownership . i contacted fenix store and they said it was the battery . they gave me a rma when i explained i was using brand new 18650's and they worked in all my other lights . after examining the light they new it was not the battery . they shipped me out a newer model of the tk15 as well as a 18650 battery . i want to know if anyone else has experienced this problem with a older tk15 and if so how was your experience dealing with customer service . judy and zane responded quickly to my issues and more then went out of there way to make me happy . they also sent me a 15% off coupon to apply towards a future purchase .

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    I will say they went way way way out of the way to make you happy..!! JMHO.

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    Their terrific customer service will bring them.... customers! Word of mouth (CPF) advertising is the best!

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    when i sent the light back i sent it without the accessories . i received the new light the same way . when i went to screw on the tactical ring , i was a bit suprised . the new light was threaded differently . i called fenix-store right away . they put a newer tactical ring in the maail to me right after we hung up .

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    Good to know. My TK15 is still flawless after a year, though it doesn't get to see much action.
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    i carry mine everyday as well it is a shame i needed a new one as mine didnt have a nick on it either
    after this year of edc my new daily carry is a spark sl6cw 800 lumen with 4 levels of brightness

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