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Thread: Fenix TK12 Remote Pressure Tailcap

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    Default Fenix TK12 Remote Pressure Tailcap

    I'm looking for a replacement tailcap for my Fenix TK12 that will allow me to utilize a remote pressure switch. However, I HATE the slinky style cord that is featured on the Fenix brand remote pressure tailcaps.

    Will a remote tailcap from another manufacturer work? For example, Surefire UMxx, Jetbeam, or Olite?

    Also, I have a few of the pressure switches (tape switches) seen below. I believe they are made by Insight Technologies. Will this type of pressure switch plug into other manufacturer's tailcaps?

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    Thinking Re: Fenix TK12 Remote Pressure Tailcap

    I was hoping with 85+ views, I'd get at least one response. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Default Re: Fenix TK12 Remote Pressure Tailcap

    One final bump before this post sinks beneath the briny deep.

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    Default Re: Fenix TK12 Remote Pressure Tailcap

    I am interested in this also for a TK11.

    I am looking for something like Surefire's XM00 tailcap but know the threads are different. I just came across Jetbeam's RM01 tailcap that looks to be a Surefire copy but am not sure about the threads.

    Does anyone know the thread specs on Jetbeam's tailcaps?

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