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    I came came across the Bosavi headlamp on Kickstarter. It has some interesting features: Li-Po rechargeable battery, programmable levels, USB and solar recharging, white and red LED's with the white LED's a mix of Cree (what one I don't know but XPG/XML would be good guesses) and 5 mm LED's, and AAA backup battery system. You can make a lantern shade out of the HL packaging. Programming via USB is coming in a later version. The HL has a boost mode where the light runs at max. brightness for 1 minute before gradually fading to the last used light level.

    In many respects similar to the Core system of Petzl but designed to be integral with the HL instead of an addition like the Core system.

    My current favoured HL is the ZL H51w w/ eneloops. The Bosavi looks every interesting to me particularly with some potential improvements in the programmability and battery charging over the H51w.

    Some questions that come to mind are what the beam profile/tint/efficiency are like?

    Bosavi Headlamp on Kickstarter

    Bosavi Headlamp Website
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    Looks like a cool light, and Outward Bound is a good cause for kids.
    I think Zebralight H51 models have them beat already for my needs anyways; weight, brightness, low lows and run times.
    The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.

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