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Thread: Battle in the woods II: SR51 vs. Firefox I vs. Fire Fox III

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    Default Re: Battle in the woods II: SR51 vs. Firefox I vs. Fire Fox III

    Just received my Production version of FF3 in the mail today:

    Left - Production FF3; Right - Pre-production FF3

    I got the production version to see if there's any improvements made over the pre-production unit. Ansolutely not!

    1. Ballast noise. It's as noisy as my pre-production unit before the mod, comparing the two side by side, my mod cut the noise down more than half.

    2. Components. I looked everywhere, can not see any difference what's soever.

    3. Performance:
    Visually: no difference can be observed.
    Production Unit -
    Ceiling bounce 465/Throw 215,000 lux@ 1 meter
    Pre-production unit -

    ceiling bounce 505/Throw 225 lux@ 1 meter.

    The pre-production unit has slightly better performance but that could simply be light-to-light component variations or minor variation in focus.

    I put the production unit FS on CPFMP, got it for review, never intended to keep two:
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