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Thread: machined metal m@g switch

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    does anyone think they could machine me a metal switch to replace the stock m@g switch? i dont think it would be to difficult to do and im surprised no one is doing them already. well at least no one i can find. it would be greatly appreciated. i need it metal so i can get it gold plated. if it makes the light no waterproof its no big deal because its mostly a shelf queen and will not but taken out in the rain. thanks guys!

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    Can you post what you need in a simple drawing? Do you want a rocker or push button style? Sorry for the dumb question but maybe I can help once I know what you are looking for.

    Joe C.

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    yea ill draw a picture asap. it would be a push button i think like a disk with a center post going down so that it could be glued to the existing mag switch.

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