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Thread: Looking for someone to Mod E2dl to strobe only

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    Default Looking for someone to Mod E2dl to strobe only

    I was looking at the E2d series and it's selling point is self defense. I would like to up this like by making it a strobe only option when switch is depressed and possibly updating the led to a higher power. OPen to using e2d(Incan) or e2dL. Trouble is finding a driver that is strobe only. If anyne has any ideas leads or think they can do it let me know.

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    Send it to Milkyspit!

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    Default Re: Looking for someone to Mod E2dl to strobe only

    Quote Originally Posted by samuraishot View Post
    Send it to Milkyspit!
    I concur. He'll have no problems programming in another mode into his acorn driver. Plus you'll have the option of many different outputs, just by tapping the tailcap "x" number of times [can be changed as well, he usually sticks with 20, though].
    I love my HDS/Ra Clicky... My only wish would be a 5th(accessible thru a 2click press) mode, and a 2AA tube.

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    Oh yes this is a job for Milkyspit. His strobe is the best I've ever seen for defense. I just got a MOAL from him with the Elm firmware and it's great. I can set it to just about anything you can think of.
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    Default Re: Looking for someone to Mod E2dl to strobe only

    I had a AA that had three programmable modes with infinite different settings to choose from. One was programmable strobe for speed you wished. You could program them all for whatever strobe Hz you wished. It was a small reverse clickie AA that also worked with one 14500 for increased output. Don't recall the model but I think it was a C21 or C22 programable trustfire/thrustfire or something like that.

    I have a number of regular Quarks with tactical switches. Soft press and then hard press to click and it goes into strobe and stays there until I click it again. I loosen the bezel and I have moonlight low med high and two signal strobes to choose from. XML version with 2 123s or you can drop in two 14500s by using 2xAA body with the high Volt head. My favorite for now is a HCRI XPG in 1xAA body with 14500 a member here changed the LED and then sold to me.

    If you could figure out how to put the G&P Strobe switch internals in it you could click on or click and hold down for strobe. If you can find someone to make a adaptor threaded inside for E2 and Outside for Solarforce switch I would take one too. Two of the L2T rings in front of the switch and it would be like a small Z2 with high quality knurling on the body. The G&P switches require two cells to work.

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