I was cleaning up and found my old Logitech MX450 cordless laser mouse. I put it aside a few years ago because it stopped working.

Before tossing it in the bin, I gave it one last try with new batteries, and realised that it paritally works - left click and right click works! BUT the cursor doesn't move.
I shined a torch under the mouse and it made the cursor move, so the mouse infrared laser must be dead.

I googled and found that plenty of people had changed the LED in their optical mouse, but I didn't find any reference to changing an infrared ('laser') diode of a laser mouse.
Has anyone done this?
Or would it be straight forward to do?
I have some spare red LEDs, but not infrared, so is it feasible to use a standard LED rather than an infrared one? They are both just LED's right?
Being a cordless mouse (2x1.5v AA), I am concerned about battery life, and selecting the right LED.

I guess as it was almost binned I have nothing to lose but to give it a go.
Any pointers welcome.